|  19.08.2016

WETEX 2016 – Unique Platform for Romanian Companies to Grow Their Business

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HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer



Q: Why would it be important for a Romanian company to participate in WETEX?

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer: WETEX provides an ideal platform for exhibitors and participants. We have increased the exhibition area significantly and added innovative services for exhibitors and visitors, as we pursue our goal to be one of the leading specialised exhibitions in the world.

Romanian companies, like many others around the world, should always stay up to date with the latest technologies in vital sectors such as the energy and water. It also offers them a platform to create mutual benefit collaborations with exhibitors and trade visitors alike.

WETEX highlights major global topics and priorities of various countries in environmental sustainability, at a time reducing pollution requires collaborative efforts. Each country’s contribution is vital for this global effort. WETEX promotes environmental sustainability and supports green economy globally. Growing in stature year after year, the exhibition attracts specialists, exhibitors, participants, governments, and experts.


Q: With whom can the representatives of Romanian companies at WETEX expect to meet?

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer: Representatives from Romanian companies will be able to interact with visitors and exhibitors from countries like Saudi Arabia, the USA, the UK, China, Italy, France, Korea, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Spain, Turkey, Iran, and the UAE, and many others. Official delegations from the UAE and the rest of the world also visit WETEX every year. These delegations seek to explore collaboration with global players in energy, water and environment.

WETEX represents an excellent learning opportunity as well, with top experts from around the globe giving presentations on a range of topics at WETEX’s seminars, on energy, water, environment and sustainable development issues.


Q: If we find partners or have a business idea in UAE, what should we do? What are the first steps?

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer: The ideal way is to take part in WETEX, where your business idea would be exposed to thousands of visitors. WETEX 2014 attracted 22,602 visitors and WETEX 2015 saw 23,325 trade visitors. This gives an idea on the enormous number of buyers and investors that come to WETEX exploring partnership opportunities and seeking to expand presence in the UAE.

Moreover, companies that sponsor WETEX will be part of the global media campaign held annually, where their solutions will gain attention from influential stakeholders from the industry sector they specialise in.

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