|  05.08.2016

Towards a New Peak in the Evolution of the Romanian Coffee Market

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Q:. In the case of Nespresso, an innovator in the industry, we’ve seen not just a competition in terms of coffee brand, but even an unusual competition in using the results of its innovation (other companies announced that they are going to provide coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso infrastructure). How do you see this kind of competition?


Sonia Nastase: Nespresso welcomes competition as it is the motor that drives innovation and growth. We are confident that through continuing to offer the highest quality coffee, exclusive personalized services and innovative products, we will continue to earn the loyalty of our Club Members and attract new customers worldwide.


Q: Can you describe the relation between the consumers’ demands and their purchasing power? Does the coffee market feel an impulse from the recent fiscal changes (the significant drop in VAT)? How has the coffee market and the consumers benefitted from a lower VAT in Romania?


Sonia Nastase: As with all food & beverage products, coffee consumption has increased in Romania. Also, the most important change was the removal of excise on coffee from the beginning of 2016, which has encouraged the purchase of coffee in all its forms.

Q: Is the specialty coffee market in Romania growing faster than the economy (considering that the economy will grow 4% YOY)? What are the reasons for this?


Sonia Nastase: The coffee market in Romania has witnessed a higher growth rate than the Romanian economy and, within the market, the coffee capsules segment have registered the largest increase in sales, because coffee lovers are more curious about new, more innovative ways to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. Nespresso Grands Crus gives its consumers the possibility to enjoy a gourmet coffee in the comfort of their homes or at their offices, as well as the most diverse range of coffees to choose from.

Q:. How far is the coffee market in Romania (and the specialty coffee market) from reaching its potential?


Sonia Nastase: The coffee market in Romania is showing signs of a healthy growth. Romanian consumers have become more educated, they have started to look for products that cater to their most particular needs – when talking about coffee, Romanian coffee lovers are now more eager to try different products and to talk about their preferences out loud (beverages from special coffee places, coffee in capsules, buying their own specialty coffee beans and grinding them and so on). So I think we’re on our way, on a good way, to reach a new peak in our market’s evolution.


Q: From an executive point of view, regarding ‘the new economic equation’, what are the most important variables for the coffee market in Romania? Please detail.


Sonia Nastase: For us, the most important variable is the quality of the relationship established between the brand and its consumers, who look for experiences, more than just usual products. Nespresso is dedicated to offering premium quality coffee experiences to its customers, whether they’re regular consumers (through the most diverse selection of coffee assortments in the world and powerful, state of the art machines fitted for home consumption and recommendations from our coffee experts) or they’re business partners, from the HORECA segment. Our partnerships with five star hotel chains, highly awarded restaurants or exclusive bars and cafes are examples of our experience-oriented practice.

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