|  05.08.2016

Power, Performance, Innovation - The Pillars Which Support Our Activity

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Q: How do you see the renewable energy trajectory in the context of the low oil price?


Carmen Neagu: The trajectory of the renewable energy was dictated by the financial facilities offered to the investors, which brought significant investment. At this moment, more than 20% of the local energy is produced from renewable sources: hydro, wind and solar.

Until the legislation changes, it is hard to consider that we will still see important investments in the renewable field. Moreover, the current players in this field announce important financial losses from the Romanian projects. Having these in mind, I can say that there are no encouragements for major projects in this segment.

EnergoBit contributed a lot in the development of the renewable sector, by participating in the most important wind and photovoltaic projects from the country. We are using this experience in projects we are involved in abroad, where the renewable sector is now developing.


Q: What can you tell us about the smart grid technologies and services in Romania regarding both of its components (electric grid equipment and services required for the modernization of the distribution and transmission system and the IT technology involved for supporting a fully network grid)? What are the obstacles for deploying the smart meters in Romania?


Carmen Neagu: Smart meters will not solve infrastructure issues and the lack of electrification in the remote areas. From the technological point of view, there are solutions available for a smart city, but we are lacking the financing. There are far more urgent matters to be addressed in the energy field and the investment needed in this regard might get further postponed. Looking at the more advanced economies in Europe we see that, not even there, the smart city didn’t become everyday reality for the common people.

The deploying of the smart metering system at a large scale may change the consumption habits of the users, and would identify the areas where the investment is most needed, but without financing it will be hard to see this in place.


Q: From an executive point of view, regarding ‘the new economic equation’, what are the most important variables in the industry of energy infrastructure in Romania? Please detail.


Carmen Neagu: One of the most important variables in the development of the power infrastructure is the precise strategy within the predictable legal framework. The second most important variable I consider it to be the determination, the will to do what you want and transpose a strategy in real actions.


I think this applies to everything, not only to the energy industry. If you know what you want, the strategy, and you have the will, the determination to do it, you will find financing, opportunities, resources, technologies and all you need to reach the goal you have set.

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