|  31.03.2013

Identifying leaders

For the management (and especially top management) level, retention has been a long time practice of the companies in Romania when it comes to good performers.





This has been done either in a consistent and well organized manner by the “corporations” or in an intuitive / ad-hoc manner by the local companies, but at the end of the day both types of organizations realized the benefits of retaining and motivating well performing employees. And both types of companies used the motivation tools at their disposal to retain such employees. While the “corporations” were able to offer different career perspectives and job responsibilities, the local companies were offering “entrepreneurial” opportunities and shareholding options.


However, the key is to identify the potential leaders of the future in order to develop and retain them, and here is where the HR functions of the “corporations” are adding a significant value. People performance is assessed both on current delivery and future potential. Those that meet certain criteria in both of these ratings and impress during the evaluation process are introduced in development programs, are assigned mentors and get increased visibility across the business.


The need for innovation and talents is driving companies to look more and more outside their core business area when it comes to new hiring in management roles. And this makes even more important the role of a professional executive search consultant, one having a thorough knowledge of different industries, business models and regions, able to assess and understand its clients’ needs and advise them on the best options for each specific role. Extensive and well executed executive search assignments are requested by these clients in order to deliver a complete overview of the related markets and industries, and therefore budgets and incentives are allocated accordingly.


Unemployment and cross border mobility in Europe – social and economy impact, issues, solutions


There is an increase in cross border mobility across Europe, driven especially by the business critical roles. Also more and more companies create diversified teams (in terms of experience, expertise, cultural background, nationality) in order to cope with the complex challenges of borderless business, and sometimes the members of such teams need to have the same location in order to perform as expected. Neumann & Partners had several requests from clients in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic related to people with specific CEE regional experience that were needed for such roles and we can say that generally people  in management roles are open for relocation (on longer or shorter terms) across Europe.


The most wanted employee – main aspects 


There is hardly such a profile as “most wanted employee”. In management roles the profiles are very specific, especially when addressed to an executive search consultant. The personal profile, management type, communication style, set of values as well as the “technical” competencies makes every role very specific.  What is a “must” in certain industries and roles could be a “must not” in other ones. Still, delivering results in a permanent and sustainable manner combined with the talent development and safeguarding the company are among the most common requirements of our clients.


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