|  09.01.2013

Policy mix is required for crop lands to merge in Romania

A mix of policies is required for crop lands to merge in Romania, because this is to contribute to the development of the irrigation system and curbing the Romanian agriculture's excessive dependence on weather, during the years ahead, reads the survey named Balance exchange rate and its key elements - Romania's case, and conducted by the National Commission of Prognosis (CNP).

The crop lands merger may rely on two pillars, namely on the bonus to be granted to the elder farmers who cede their crop lands and on discouraging unfarmed lands owned by individual farmers. The survey says that although there is a draft law on giving such bonuses for ceding the crop lands, it has to be amended and, the amounts increased so that they should encourage the sales.

'It is important to discourage leaving the land untilled and taxing it with money asked for intra-mural land, Such punishment has been enacted since 2007, but only for the plots owned by juristic persons,' reads the survey. Likewise, merger of the crop lands leads to the development of the irrigation systems and curbs the excessive dependence of the Romanian agriculture on the weather, given that at present the irrigation fees can be paid only by the medium and large farms.

According to the assessments by the survey's coordinators, due to low crops Romania has lost about 800 million euros, both for agriculture and the related economic sectors such as food industry, agricultural products transport services and storage.


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