|  09.01.2013

About 10 mln Romanians travel abroad in 2012

About 10 million Romanians have traveled abroad in 2012, their number being by 2 percent larger than in 2011, inform data the Romanian National Association of Travel Agents (ANAT) sent to the National Institute of Statistics.


About 80 percent of the Romanian tourists traveling abroad preferred the road transportation. 'Despite the rather poor start, the year 2012 gave us good reasons to think that tourism is into no recession, but on the contrary it confirms its growth potential as a genuine motive power for the economic and the social development. For the Romanian tourism to grow and implicitly generate revenues and significantly contribute to the GDP, it is needed a legal environment capable to stimulate the private industry, a more marked involvement of the state in implying the legislation, regulation, support to the private and public initiative, promotion of Romania's tourist potential, with emphasis on its specificity.


This should also be corroborated with massive and urgent investments in the road

infrastructure and with an appropriate and differentiated promotion on the main target markets,' said ANAT president Corina Martin.


ANAT goes on requesting the setting up of the Romanian Tourism Organization, in a public-private partnership, in keeping with the master plan for tourism that the World Tourism Organization experts created for Romania.


The foreign destinations in the highest demand with tourists were Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy as they are nearer to Romania. In the context of the political and the social events happened in North Africa and the Near East, the decline of such destinations as well as those in Egypt and Syria went on, but Dubai maintains its increase in preferences as a warm, cosmopolite and shopping destination. Far exotic destinations are no longer a luxury, according to ANAT, as travel agencies succeed offering the holiday-makers advantageous tourist packages to exotic destinations such as the Dominican Republic, the Maldives, Jamaica or Mexico for half price only, if they were bought and spent during winter months.


One of the tendencies of 2012 is the holiday-makers' appetite for cruises. In 2012, against the background of a more austere budget, travel agencies suggested cruises at lower prices, which generated a rise in the sales. The most popular destination is still the Western Mediterranean, which includes countries like Spain, France, Italy and Tunisia.


In summer the Romanian Black Sea shore stayed as a most famous destination for the Romanians who chose spending holidays in Romania. The year 2012 was the best of the past four years, for the seaside tourism scoring more than 3 million Romanian tourists and over 5,000 foreign ones. It is the first time this year when the seaside destinations were sold as a distinct tourist product, on the Republic of Moldova's market, too.


For other periods of the year, the classification of the domestic destinations includes the Prahova Valley (southern Romania) with its ring of resorts, Bran-Moeciu (central Romania), Bukovina (north-eastern Romania) and the balneal and climatic resorts. These are destinations consolidating their positions every year, and are traditionally preferred by the Romanians.


As for the arrivals of the foreign visitors to Romania, they were by 5 percent more vs. the similar time span, last year, according to the data supplied by the National Institute of Statistics, 94 percent of them being from European countries. When it comes to the European Union member states, the most numerous arrivals were from Hungary (32.6 percent), Bulgaria (19.7 percent), Germany (9.5 percent), Italy (7.3 percent), and Poland (6.8 percent). At the seaside the growth was quite significant, especially thanks to the consolidation of a favourable picture of the Mamaia resort, which is regarded as the gem of Romanian tourism, according to ANAT.

At the same time, in the 2012 season when Black Sea cruises were organized, there were 50 cruise ships that brought over 32,000 foreign passengers. It is an increase that accounts for about 30 percent from the previous year.


The one-day trips and local tours in the highest demand were to Bucharest, and the one-day cruise highly in demand was to the Danube Delta (eastern Romania), the cultural, archaeological, religious and eating tours (the cities of Histria, Adamclisi, the Sf Andrei Monastery), seaside tours and wine tasting at the Murfatlar wine cellar. American tourists top the list of the passengers coming on board cruise ships. They are followed by the French, Italian and German ones. Constanta is the second big Black Sea port.


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