|  02.10.2013

275.000 RON donated within the two editions of TRANSMARATON

30 September 2013 was the official closing date for Transmaraton fundraising campaign, which included - during 7-8 September – 4 special running events

Launched in 2012, the main objective of the event is to raise funds for impact projects in education, environment and health and to promote a culture of social involvement. 
This year's edition of the Transmarathon was held on the Transfagarasan  and included four sporting events of one’s choice:
- Double Marathon (84 km) , between Europe Complex and Poenari Fortress
- Marathon (42 km) route Cabana Capra  - Balea Cascada(Balea Wterfall) and back
- Half-marathon (21 kilometers) between Cabana Balea Cascada and Cabana Capra
- Up-running - 1,480 steps to Poenari Fortress
The total number of participants was limited to 150.
Participation could only be achieved by lottery or by assuming the quality of fundraiser for one of the projects, which makes this event unique in Romania . This way , each participant has a personalized page on the event website* , through which supporters can donate and post messages of encouragement.
In the two editions so far, the participants were able to attract over 3.000 donations, totaling approximately 275.000 RON.
More information about Transmaraton:
  • It includes the hardest road double marathon in the world ( > 3000 m difference in level position uphill)  There were 20 participants at the start - 17 men and three women. The time limit for the completion of 84 km was 12 hours and the participants had mobile support (nutrition and hydration) offered by cyclists.
  • It includes the hardest road marathon in Europe, the third in difficulty in the world (about 1,900 m uphill ) and one of the few tracks with a smaller percentage than 5% running on flat.
  • It takes place on Transfagarasan National Road (DN 7C) , which  became famous worldwide after the British presenters from Top Gear devoted a whole edition of their show to this route , calling it "the best road in the world". The Top Gear Show is broadcast in 117 countries , gathering  one billion viewers on a weekly basis, rivaling the audience of a Football World Cup
  • The last part of the double marathon and the running up the stairs race between Vidraru Dam and Poenari Fortress involves the climbing of 1480 steps , equivalent to a 80-storey building! By comparison, the Empire State Building has 1576 steps, which is the equivalent of 86 floors.
  • The Transfagarasan includes the longest road tunnel in Romania (887 m), also located at the highest altitude in the country (2,045 m).
  • The Transmaraton fundraising goal for the next 5 years is 1,000,000 RON.
  • The participants in the first edition (2012) managed to get donations to the value of 125.000 RON, contributing to the planting and care of 10,000 trees (which will absorb at maturity, 600 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent to the emissions of 500 cars for one year) and free palliative home care for150 patients (children and adults) for a period of 3 months. In Romania, 60,000 people are annually diagnosed with cancer and only 6 % receive this type of care .
  • The northern part of the route on which the Transmaraton takes place  is considered among cyclists as having a maximum degree of difficulty - "beyond any category".
  • The  2013 edition recorded a premiere - 3 siblings took part: Stefan Palarie (the 42 kilometers route) , Teodora Palarie (the  84 km route) and Bogdan Palarie (volunteer on bike to the double marathon). All three have a long history in volunteering, being involved in social causes related to the environment and education, and for Teodora it  was the first official running race of her life!


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