Are we ready for the Digital Revolution?


By 2025, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring amazing developments into Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Transport, which will radically transform the way we live and work.

6 practices of excellence in B2B sales


Regardless of a company's industry or business model, continuous growth requires excellence in sales and a dedicated team that constantly improves. Higher-performing salespeople have the skills to quickly adapt to market requirements and change consumer behavior. But it takes more than just methods and techniques for sale. Excellence in sales also requires a profound understanding of the company's culture, processes, and evolution.

Which are the most digitized industries in Romania?


Earlier this month, Valoria launched the Barometer of Digitalization in Romania 2018. Against the backdrop of the heated debate on the public scene, the echo of this second edition of the study was not easy to distinguish. However, the study highlights the evolution of digital transformation of companies, where Romania is last among the digitalized european countries in a ranking made by the European Commission.

The positional role of HR


The HR function has four possible roles within the company: transactional, functional, strategic and positional. Each corresponds to a different philosophy about employees and how they contribute to the company's development. Most often, companies do not go beyond the strategic role, but the positional role is becoming more relevant to medium and large companies in the conditions of the Romanian labor market.

Valoria survey: In 2018, leaders of 6 out of 10 companies do not have the skills needed to develop a digital business model


According to the survey "The Barometer of Digitization 2018", conducted by Valoria in collaboration with, in nearly 6 out of 10 companies (59%) there is not enough knowledge and expertise for top managers to assess and develop a model digital business.

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