Retention of valuable employees, the main HR challenge for 2017


According to the survey "Trends and challenges in HR for 2017", carried out by Valoria in collaboration with Business Mark, 60% of companies in Romania say the most important strategic challenge in HR is the retention of high-potential and high-performance employees. In 2016, the main HR challenge for companies was to maintain a high level of employee engagement.

Which are the most client centric industries in Romania?


In the digital era, consumer experience decides the business champions. Companies that manage the relationship with the consumer at all points of contact with the consumer will become market leaders. Industries that make consumer experience the number one focus in their organizational culture, organizational structures and process design, will generate added value for the customer and profit for the company.

In Romania, 6 out of 10 companies have problems with the digitalization


31% of companies in Romania say they are confident about digitization because they have the knowledge to navigate this process

75% of the companies want to know the needs of the consumers, but only 27% of the companies are struggling to retain them


According to the "Barometer of focusing on the customer in companies in Romania 2017", a study conducted by Valoria in collaboration with, 89% of the companies say that the main obstacle to greater customer focus is the lack of the necessary technology for data management, even if 75% consider consumer needs as the essential knowledge which supports the customer focus of the company.

Year-end with growth adjustments for businesses in Romania


According to the survey report "Business evolution in 2017" released today by Valoria, in the second half of the year, companies have made significant adjustments to previously projected figures for turnover, profit, employee numbers, salary levels and investments for this year.

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