Top executives do not lead digitalization in 7 out of 10 companies


According to the survey "The Barometer of digitalization 2017" released today by Valoria, only 3 out of 10 companies have given to a top executive the responsibility to lead the digitalization of the business and just 37% companies have made digitalisation the central part of their business strategy.

Just 3 in 10 companies use social media for sales


According to "Like & Share 2017", a survey on social media marketing in Romanian companies released today by Valoria, 80% of companies recognize the efficiency of social media marketing.

Women entrepreneurship, an underutilized potential for economic growth


In the mid 2000s, the OECD recognized female entrepreneurship as a potential under-utilized for economic growth. Recognizing there are gender differences in entrepreneurship, it is no longer a hypothesis but a fact verified by relevant studies. According to the 2013 summary of the report Women Entrepreneurship in OECD, the probability of owning a business is more than 3 times higher for men than for women

Valoria survey: Companies are bracing up for a though year


According to the survey „Business evolution in 2017”, amid the political turmoil at the beginning of this year, companies’ growth forecasts are quite reserved.

Keeping employees involved, the hardest thing for HR


Accelerated changes in the business environment brought many challenges for human resource management and corporate performance

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