Year-end with growth adjustments for businesses in Romania


According to the survey report "Business evolution in 2017" released today by Valoria, in the second half of the year, companies have made significant adjustments to previously projected figures for turnover, profit, employee numbers, salary levels and investments for this year.

Trends in social media marketing by industry sector


The power of social networks for the mix of marketing and communication is obvious. The transformations in this field have been constant and very dynamic in the past 7 years. Businesses of all sizes have adopted more social media marketing tools. The number of platforms used by companies has increased from year to year as well.

Poor link in HR


A problem can not be solved with the same thought it generated, said Albert Einstein. But what is the problem? What has led to many challenges for the HR function? At this point, the answer to these questions is neither simple nor reachable to many organizations, from multinational companies to entrepreneurial firms.

7 out of 10 business people do not see the benefits of personal brand


The international personality that inspires most of the respondents by the way he builds his personal brand is the series entrepreneur Richard Branson, closely followed by two other outstanding international personalities - Tony Robbins and Barack Obama

Top executives do not lead digitalization in 7 out of 10 companies


According to the survey "The Barometer of digitalization 2017" released today by Valoria, only 3 out of 10 companies have given to a top executive the responsibility to lead the digitalization of the business and just 37% companies have made digitalisation the central part of their business strategy.

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