Job Interview: Outdated questions still used by recruiters and their alternatives, adapted to the new market conditions


The recruitment process as the book which renews itself continuously in tune with each industry separately, with each generation and technology specifics. In Romania, the companies have become more and more open to this chapter, but the practice is still with outdated methods during interviews, according to the Smartree information, one of the Romanian leaders on the market of HR outsourcing processes.

42% of Romanian mothers choose to spend two years in the child care leave, although the maximum allowance is RON 1.200


According to Smartree, one of the leaders in Romania in the outsourcing of HR processes , 42% of Romanian mothers choose to spend two years in the child care leave, even if the maximum allowance granted by the state is RON 1.200.

In 2015, employers in Romania have offered extrasalariale benefits higher by 19%


The greatest extrasalariale benefits have been granted during the year by the IT&C companies and the pharmaceutical industry

The migration of brains in Romania: Top 5 reasons invoked in order to leave a company


Retail and finance & insurance industries are confronted with the biggest personnel fluctuation

Human Resources in the Fast Lane


Since we are all part of a new era of doing business, we have to be aware that everything is changing due to technology – whether personal or business related – starting with the way we get informed every day and ending with the way we are selling and promoting products or services. The same is happening inside companies and how they are dealing with the human capital. We all know how important this capital is, but at the same time the financial constraints are pushing business people to continuously improve efficiency with final effect also on human resources.

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