What the Millennials expect from the employer: the fringe benefits and flexible working program, more important than money


The salary is not the first amongst the expectations of young people regarding a new job.

Smartree launches an Index that will take the pulse of the economy in real time


Smartree Workforce Index is a synthesis of the evolution of recruitments, growth of wages and the welfare of employees.

Job Interview: Outdated questions still used by recruiters and their alternatives, adapted to the new market conditions


The recruitment process as the book which renews itself continuously in tune with each industry separately, with each generation and technology specifics. In Romania, the companies have become more and more open to this chapter, but the practice is still with outdated methods during interviews, according to the Smartree information, one of the Romanian leaders on the market of HR outsourcing processes.

42% of Romanian mothers choose to spend two years in the child care leave, although the maximum allowance is RON 1.200


According to Smartree, one of the leaders in Romania in the outsourcing of HR processes , 42% of Romanian mothers choose to spend two years in the child care leave, even if the maximum allowance granted by the state is RON 1.200.

In 2015, employers in Romania have offered extrasalariale benefits higher by 19%


The greatest extrasalariale benefits have been granted during the year by the IT&C companies and the pharmaceutical industry

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