Personnel leasing or temporary work, a trend on the Romanian market


The personnel leasing market registered year-on-year increases, both in terms of the number of employees on a temporary basis and in terms of turnover, although in Romania the percentage of temporary employees in total active employees is incomparable lower than that in Western European countries, such as England or Germany, according to Smartree, one of the leaders in Romania in the outsourcing of HR processes.

Due to the speed of recruitment and the lack of potential employees, more and more companies have dropped outgoing hiring exams


According to Smartree, one of the leaders in Romania in the HR outsourcing market, in recent years, the application of tests in recruitment and selection processes is no longer a mandatory step for employers in our country.

The top of the areas with the highest number of jobs in 2016


Massive jobs, last year in IT, BPO, production or retail.

The salaries in private sector grew by 10% in the first semester


According to Smartee Workforce Index, the first semester of this year brought an increase both for the salaries and the bonuses offered to the private sector employees.

LinkedIn, the new labor market: How to build your profile to be recruited faster


The professional platform LinkedIn has become a new labor market, in an online version in which, like the offline, the employers may have direct contact with the prospective employees, according to Smartree,one of the Romanian leaders on the market of HR outsourcing processes.

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