European Private Equity Outlook 2014


82% of those surveyed expect a major increase in private equity activities in Europe

Frugal innovation - a path for Romania?


Frugal products are on the rise across emerging markets of the world. Romanian companies could adjust their mindsets and processes in order to offer successful frugal products both for other emerging markets but also for Western consumers (partly based on a recent study on frugal products conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants)

Making the transition from low-cost to innovation


When it comes to Romania and innovation I remain true to my belief that, at some point in time (rater sooner than later), Romania will have to make the transition from "low-cost" to innovation. Of course, it will not happen over night, just as our low-cost advantage will not erode over night.

Energy and the city 2030


The power industry is undergoing a transformation process, with growing importance of technology, supported by regulatory changes. While in recent years we have been increasingly aware of the new generation paradigm, mainly centered around new power generation technologies.

European private equity outlook 2013: chin up!


Is the private equity market on the upturn? Despite a more positive mood in the industry, the private equity (PE) business model still needs to be adapted (Based on the "European Private Equity Outlook 2013" study conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants1)

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