The corporate governance crisis


The 2008 crisis has drawn everyone's attention to the need to regulate and implement a rigorous set of rules and principles that govern or supervise companies

Leadership challenges in entrepreneurial companies


Driving an entrepreneurial organization is challenging. Far from benefiting from / requiring the number of procedures active in a corporation, an entrepreneurial firm reaching 50-80 employees can test the leadership skills of any top executive.

Corporate Governance in Romanian Entrepreneurship


Shareholders and executives have shown their intention to make the disclosure of financial and non-financial information more transparent. This evolution of the business environment is also reflected in European Union legislation.

How does vision define leadership?


Leadership matters, but how much? Does a company have a future with a leadership lacking vision? There are questions that open up the theme of the relationship between leadership and vision. Because the leader is indeed the one who has a clear vision, he identifies with it and integrates the people in his team into the story his vision tells.

Earthquake in tax legislation, but with what results?


The Government's intention to significantly modify the tax system starting 1 January 2018 to reduce the income tax rate from 16% to 10% and mandatory social contributions from 39.25% to 35.00% has led to intense debates, both in the political environment and in the business environment

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