School, a solution for female entrepreneurship


Female entrepreneurship in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is in a difficult condition. Romania is no exception. At least that's what the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) looks like. Female entrepreneurship seems to be a minority in relation to the whole phenomenon. If we accept that female entrepreneurship refers to both the woman's condition in society and its role in the whole entrepreneurial phenomenon, then this topic is very important.

The tenacity of being a woman entrepreneur in Romania


Recently, a Master Card study called the Index of Women Entrepreneurs announced that Romania ranks 9th in the ranking of countries with the highest percentage of women-owned businesses.

Why is it important the integrated financial reporting?


A new type of financial reporting appears in the Romanian business landscape, the integrated financial reporting.

The agency problem in corporate governance


In a company, the decision-making mechanism can be complicated. Since there are more players involved, the existence of a regulation is necessary. Corporate governance is a set of rules of decision-making processes whereby companies are internally managed and supervised by the Board of Directors to protect the interests of all external and internal users (stakeholders). By issuing and implementing decision-making rules and procedures, corporate governance also distributes the rights and responsibilities of each of those involved.

PKF Finconta brings an expat at the leadership of the Transfer Pricing team


PKF Finconta, the 10th-largest audit and tax consulting firm among the top firms in Bucharest in this industry sector, named Nilanjan Nag, Manager, at the leadership of the Transfer Pricing team.

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