The refund policy: what should online shop owners be careful about ?


The online store owners often meet clients who want to return the products, and some of them are abusing this policy.

TeCOMM: Top 3 key-elements for the success of an online store


Online stores platforms must be efficient and provide quality services. According to statistics from 2017 people aged between 53 and 71 spend 4 hours a week to buy online, while Millenials generation spend about 6 hours, as long as in real life, informs

TeCOMM: 'Romanians are not afraid to pay online by card. They are paying constantly to companies they trust and they impose this'


The digital payments have increased in 2016 by 75%, totaling up to 7 million online transactions (dekstop and mobile) according to Netopia MobilPay, and the value of online transactions increased by approximately 40% compared to 2015.

TeCOMM 2017: Expanding online shops to an international level


The TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo, which will take place on April 26th and 27th, will provide solutions for rendering businesses more efficient and expanding them to a global level, as it brings together online shop owners and eCommerce professionals.

ECommerce Trends in 2017: How to sell more and efficient in online?


Approximately two thirds of Internet users have made online shopping in Europe in 2016, according to data from Eurostat, and online shopping continues to grow among users aged between 16-24 years and 25-54 years.

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