Expertise of international specialists, presented at TeCOMM Bucharest. How do you stay competitive in electronic commerce?


More than 250 ecommerce professionals from both the country and abroad participated in the e-commerce event dedicated to the electronic commerce TeCOMM Bucharest, where they revealed the key elements that helped them to succeed in business.

5 conclusions from TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo Bucharest 2017


Professionals behind the development of international and national brands such as Reebook, TESCO, eMAG, CitiBank, Exponea, ECCO Shoes or evoMAG have unveiled at TeCOMM Bucharest April 26-27, which is the basis for their success. The event, at its 10th national edition, brought together over 250 ecommerce professionals and online store owners from Romania and Eastern Europe.

The high level of IT knowledge and the availability of innovative products can amplify the potential for growth in e-commerce in Romania


Online store owners meet on Wednesday and Thursday at the eCommerce premium event, TeCOMM. The event will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest. During the two days, the participants will focus on trends in e-commerce, attracting consumers, increasing sales, or expanding into international markets.

The refund policy: what should online shop owners be careful about ?


The online store owners often meet clients who want to return the products, and some of them are abusing this policy.

TeCOMM: Top 3 key-elements for the success of an online store


Online stores platforms must be efficient and provide quality services. According to statistics from 2017 people aged between 53 and 71 spend 4 hours a week to buy online, while Millenials generation spend about 6 hours, as long as in real life, informs