Mega Infrastructure Projects


From managing risk and meeting timelines to selecting the right technology and investment partners, megaproject delivery offers important lessons and approaches that will resonate with almost any infrastructure stakeholder.

In a decaying banking reality, Romania stands out on the path to recovery - KPMG Survey


Top management of more than 100 banks present their perspective on the current state of the banking sectors in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in a new report prepared by KPMG: The Banking Executive Survey 2012.

How private equity directors can work more effectively to create value


The “Working with Private Equity Portfolio Companies, “study by KPMG and Directorbank identifies strong operational expertise as a key differentiator between private equity firms.

Romania: Fiscal stability is key to growth


KPMG International has recently published the direct and indirect (VAT etc) tax rates from more than 120 countries, including Romania, revealing a constant state of change as governments look to increase indirect rates to raise revenue but to decrease corporate tax rates to attract investment.

China, Brazil and Singapore lead consumption of digital media and the willingness to pay for it


Urban consumers in China, Brazil and Singapore are proving to be the world’s most voracious users of digital media, powered by the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablets according to the KPMG International 2013 Digital Debate.

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