Improvement of internal governing. Do you run optimal internal control?


The importance of corporate governance increased in the last decade due to the growth of private businesses all over the world.

Prescriptions: Closing the gap?


As big pharma companies drew inexorably closer to the patent cliff — and grew increasingly aware that their existing pipelines were insufficient to fill the ensuing revenue gaps — it became imperative to find additional ways to boost shareholder value to meet investors’ expectations.

A vision for growth - Business outlook survey


At the beginning of the year, Romanian companies seem more confident in their own growth than in the growth of their industry

Ernst & Young releases Entrepreneurs Speak Out – The Barometer of Entrepreneurship Romania 2012


Romanian entrepreneurs lack relevant information about sources of financing, organizations that support entrepreneurship and specific entrepreneurial education and training. Moreover, the negative image of business failure in Romania and, also, the sluggish economic environment are perceived by entrepreneurs as important obstacles.

Claw-back tax


Non-constitutionality of certain provisions of Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2011 regarding the establishment of a contribution for financing some expenses in the health system (the Decision is to be published in the Official Gazette)

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