Different field companies target deals in technology to empower faster changes


Working force mobility is growing all over the world while the consumers embrace the smart-type mobility and the social networks at a more and more faster pace.

Will new demand and new supply mean new pricing?


With the start-up of the world’s first commercial-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant at Arzew in Algeria in 1964, the modern global LNG industry is approaching its 50th birthday in 2014. A massive amount of new LNG capacity has been proposed — as much as 350 million (metric) tonnes per year (mtpa) — which, if all were built, would more than double current capacity (of less than 300 mtpa) by 2025.

Methodological norms for the application of the Fiscal Code


Certain amendments and clarifications have been introduced concerning corporate income tax, personal income tax, microenterprises income tax, withholding tax, VAT, excise duties and social contributions.

Strategic investor or private equity fund – which is the best for you?


When asking yourself as a business what kind of investor you should pursue when selling a part of the company or the company as a whole, first of all you should scrutinize very closely what you want to achieve by the transaction. Only after this exercise, you will know on what kind of investor you should focus in order to maximize your goals.

Driven by profits


Even if trust is equally important in doing business, the profits drive, naturally, most of endeavors. What do foreign investors expect from Romania, other than predictability is underlined by Florin Vasilica, Partner, Transaction Advisory Services Leader, Ernst & Young Romania

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