Raul Pop, EY Romania: tightening controls forces companies to be more rigorous with waste recovery


Raul Pop, senior manager of the Department of Sustainability and Climate Change within EY Romania.

The United States surpasses India in the ranking of the most attractive markets for renewable energy investments


US climbs to second place in the ranking, despite the imposition of tariffs on imports of the solar panels.

The Fiscal Reform, Digital Taxation and BEPS Measures generate a series of challenges and opportunities for companies in 2018


37% of the countries expected the increase in taxation as a result of the amendments to the law on the digital environment

Transformation of companies goes through people


In the context of accelerated transformations, business leaders talk indiscriminately about agility, improvement, change management. There is a contradiction between what they say and what they do. On the one hand, they have no time for shades and subtleties because they have to make a quick profit, on the other hand, they talk about personalization and customization of products / services. This is how the misunderstanding and unstructured application of the principles of change management bring them to failure.

EY Study: 90% of companies face difficulties in calculating contributions to the Environmental Fund


According to the legislation in force, the economic operators placing packaging and packaged products on the market are responsible for ensuring the management of packaging that has become waste within the national territory.

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