Credit Risk & Debt Collection Forum is initiating an open debate in the field of debt collection


In Romania, the debt collection market has reached a level of maturity which invites to detailed discussions.

Customer Experience & Retail Days debate: the relation between clients and brands is evolving beyond procedures and strategies, in the area of personalized relations


The client’s experience with the brand, as key differentiator on an increasingly crowded business market, was the main topic of discussion at Customer Experience & Retail Days.

The client's experience with the brand is becoming the main differentiator, surpassing in importance the price and the product


Until 2020, the client’s experience with the brand will be the key differentiator, according to Walker, the prestigious consultancy company.

The Customer Service concept is becoming a means for brand promotion – service quality creates a communication bridge between the business and the client


Gabriel Prefac, Customer Service Director – Groupama Asigurari, speaker at the 12th edition of Customer Care Conference, explains which the main characteristics of the customer care market in Romania are.

Romania, second place in the EU in top countries with the biggest number of fatal accidents at the workplace


Conference Arena, part of Marketing Insiders Group, will organize the third edition of the Workplace Safety and Management Forum, dedicated to the field of safety and security at the workplace.

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