Law no. 81/30 March 2018 regulating teleworking, published in the Official Gazette no. 296 of 2 April 2018


The newly introduced legal framework enters into force within three days as of its publication, respectively on 5th of April 2018.

Jean-Marc Cambien, EY Romania: How does the digitization change the VAT treatment for financial services?


Traditionally, the banking activity is exempt from VAT, with no deduction. Thus, as a general rule, banks do not collect VAT for their activities and do not deduct VAT for purchases made. But is this the most beneficial approach for banks? Are there solutions to reduce VAT costs? If so, where do we find these solutions and how can we implement them?

Florin Vasilica EY: The interest on the local market of mergers and acquisitions remains at a level close to that record


The year 2017 was one of the most active for the local market of the mergers and acquisitions.

Tax alert 11 – Draft Law for the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 25/2017


The draft law for the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no.25/2017 was adopted in the Deputies’ Chambers and was sent for being enacted to the President of Romania.

The Barometer EY: 85% of the Romanian companies questioned the investment plans, due to the uncertainty of tax


For 74% of companies, accelerating organic growth and investing in existing operations is top priority.

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