Institutional investors support IPOs that come to market well prepared


Investors are also clear about what they look for in a successful IPO. Good-quality companies priced right, run by the right team and with a good story to tell will command the attention of the market, even when market windows are opening and closing fast. They rank the top three success factors for IPOs as attractive pricing (the leader by a considerable margin) followed by a compelling equity story in second place and confidence in management in third. Timing was ranked a distant fourth.

Transfer pricing becomes a key tax issue in the Romanian tax environment


As expected, the Romanian tax authorities’ attention on transfer pricing matters is continuously increasing and our experience reveals that in the last year they are increasingly scrutinizing the related party transactions of Romanian companies, requesting transfer pricing documentation reports as part of various tax audits (audits focused on corporate income tax or even VAT).

Pricing pressure and cost cutting – top risks for business in 2013


As the global economic outlook remains uncertain, companies have shifted their thinking away from waiting for an upturn and are concentrating on optimizing their business by cutting costs and increasing efficiency, according to a report released today by Ernst & Young.

Renewable energy country attractiveness indices


Going once, going twice, sold! These are the words echoing across today’s global renewables market as policy-makers deploy alternative ways to support green growth. Against a backdrop of surging subsidy deficits and public outcry against escalating energy bills, capacity auctions are now becoming the preferred policy mechanism and this issue of the Country attractiveness indices (CAI) analyzes these dramatic changes.

Consumer price index for advance payments of annual corporate income tax


The Order stipulates that, for the fiscal year 2013, the consumer price index for advance payments of annual corporate income tax is 104.3%.

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