Arcadie Parfenie, Ernst & Young: The new fiscal challenges of the cloud


The perception of cloud computing has emerged very well in recent years, becoming a popular concept in most markets experiencing the recession difficulties, due to the significant cost benefits of economy that brings

Opening doors for women working in government


Who leads the public sector is important. Its leaders make decisions that affect millions of people every day. Public sector leaders — politicians, civil servants and board members — are responsible for the general welfare of their citizens and give protection to the most vulnerable members of society.

Moving Europe forward - Innovating for a prosperous future


With Ernst & Young’s latest Eurozone Forecast predicting a contraction of 0.5% in 2013, a figure that repeats the 0.5% fall witnessed in 2012, it is clear that the European economy is not yet out of the woods. Far from it. And it is equally clear that only a revival of the capacity to innovate can bring Europe back on a track of global competitiveness.

Global payroll - Myth or reality?


The global payroll landscape has continued to change dramatically over the last 10 years. New providers, technology, vendor service delivery models and global capabilities have made payroll administration possible, at least conceptually, across complex global organizations.

Hitting the sweet spot - The growth of the middle class in emerging markets


The world has seen two great expansions of the middle class since 1800 — and we are living through the third.

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