Growing forward


The eighth Global Capital Confidence Barometer shows a clear rebound in corporate confidence. After years of conservative decision-making, executives are steadily trending toward an investing agenda. But are companies being bold enough?

Rapid-growth markets Forecast


At last, there are signs that stability could be returning to the global economy. As a result, the risks to growth are receding and we can be more confident about our baseline forecast for rapid-growth markets (RGMs). And as the world emerges from the financial crisis, it is more globalized than ever.

Exploring dual perspectives on the top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond


How can you be confident that your company is well placed to meet the risks and challenges currently on the horizon? And how can you know that opportunities aren’t passing you by? This report will help you answer both of these questions. It explores the top 10 risks and opportunities for power and utility companies as they begin looking ahead to 2015.

Indirect taxation in 2013


This is our fourth annual roundup of developments in value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), excise duties, customs duties and other indirect taxes around the world. We present changes that have been introduced recently or that are expected in the coming year in more than 100 countries; we also provide four summary maps to give a “snapshot” of where the changes are taking place. And, once again, we examine the changes we are seeing around the world in more detail to identify key trends and their implications for global businesses.

Fighting to close the gap


Companies recognize that the risk environment is changing and information security suffers. Almost 80% of organizations confirm an increasing level of risk due to external threats increase, according to the latest Ernst & Young survey on security information globally

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