Financing energy efficiency projects


Energy efficiency is the key and central element of all sustainable energy strategies. There is a growing need to design and implement large-scale energy efficiency projects to reduce fossil fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The development and execution of a project to increase energy efficiency, which, for example, is even financed through energy savings, is a complex activity that offers significant economic benefits to the end-user.

EnergyPal: Only 14% of the companies have a smart metering system for the main equipments


According to the study "Energy efficiency in Romanian companies" carried out by EnergyPal, in Romania, 69% of companies say they have not implemented a smart metering system for main equipment, 17% do not know, and only 14% took this step towards energy efficiency.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent office buildings


Owners of office buildings, but not only, understand that the values they use to evaluate assets in their portfolios are changing.

How do leaders lead by influence


There can be no leadership without influence, because influencing, including through the power of example, is the way leaders lead.

Smart office buildings, integral part of the smart city


Lately, we are increasingly talking about smart city, smart grid, smart buildings and IoT. Even if all these are very fashionable and bring us the technological promises of the future, it is good to first clarify what they actually mean and how will help us or makes us better.

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