Digitalize your business and increase the turnover


With only 42% of companies having a website, with 33% of employees using the computer for their daily activities or 7% of companies selling their products online, Romania is the last in the EU digital ranking.

Trends in digital transformation for 2018


There are notions which, through the frequency of their use, lead to satiety. You do not want to hear them again. It can be said, with some arguments, that digital transformation is in such a situation. And yet the subject is imposed on companies by the impact it generates. You integrate digitization in your company, you have the chance to grow your business. You don’t, your company becomes history.

The year 2017, Black Friday Year for the Romanian economy


In 2017, business sentiment pended between the confidence of 2016 economic growth and skepticism about the sustainability of thehigh growth rate in the second half of the year.

Digital transformation of SMEs in Romania


Digitization is for all companies, from multinationals to small and medium enterprises. Sometimes it is implemented in a structured manner, other times it takes the form of digital solutions to solve operational problems.

Country brand as abroad. Romania in the era of video games.


Global digitalization increases the preference for games. There is an industry that has an important economic impact and is becoming soft power currency for states.

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