Fiscal and wage pressures will heavily affect the state budget; economic growth of 4 to 4.1% in 2017


According to AGERPRES, the pressures triggered by taxes and wages will strongly affect the state budget, the economic growth will slow down and the inflation expectations will increase in 2017, as shown in a specialized study conducted by KeysFin.

2017 - the last year of regulated electricity prices; the competition between suppliers becomes fierce


According to AGERPRES, the competition between the energy suppliers will be fierce this year, given that, by 31 December 2017, the market will be completely liberalized.

World Bank: Romania will receive a loan of 500 million euros for sustainable economic growth


According to AGERPRES, Romania will receive a loan of 500 million euros from the World Bank to improve public finances and reform several institutions in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and improve living standards, announced the World Bank.

The Romanian wine production will record the largest percentage increase in the world in 2016


According to AGERPRES, the world production of wine will go down by 5% in 2016 compared to 2015 due to bad weather which severely reduced production in France and South Africa, but in the case of Romania, is expected an increase of 37%, the highest recorded worldwide, according to estimates released on Thursday by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (IOVW).

ING will invest 800 million euros in its digital platforms and will dismiss 7,000 employees


According to AGERPRES, on Monday, ING Group, the largest Dutch group of financial services, announced that it intends to dismiss 7,000 employees, mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands, and to invest heavily in its digital platforms, in order to save 900 million euros (one billion dollars) annually, by 2021, transmit Bloomberg and Reuters.

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