|  31.08.2017

Trends in social media marketing by industry sector

The power of social networks for the mix of marketing and communication is obvious. The transformations in this field have been constant and very dynamic in the past 7 years. Businesses of all sizes have adopted more social media marketing tools. The number of platforms used by companies has increased from year to year as well.

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In order to better understand how social media marketing evolves, we must how it is used by the different industries and sectors of activity to overcome complex challenges.


According to the Like & Share 2017 study, a social media marketing survey by companies in Romania by Valoria, 80% of companies recognize the effectiveness of social networking marketing. Also, 63% say that social media is an effective channel for creating sales opportunities, but only 3 out of 10 companies use social media for sales.



So, what are the industry-wide differences identified by this study from the answers of the 339 respondents in 14 industries, including 16% CEOs/ Presidents/General Managers and 70% Marketing Directors/Managers/Specialists.


1. Activities on social networks


Marketing ranks first in social media activities for companies in the following industries: industrial production (27%), banking and financial services (24%), and food industry (21%). Competitive analysis is important in the following industries: telecommunications/IT (15%), tourism (12%), energy and utilities (10%). Customer relations through social networking is a priority for the food industry (17%), constructions/real estate (15%), trade (13%), as well as in the banking and financial services industry (13%). The sales-generation through social media is best represented in trade (19%), banking and financial services (11%), media and advertising services (11%).


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