|  11.11.2013

Tracing the entrepreneurial spirit in Romanian industries

The contribution of entrepreneurs and corporations is now more important than ever, with countries facing some of the most challenging societal issues of our time: difficult economic conditions because of the recession of the last years and high levels of unemployment.

EY Romania





Governments, and society as a whole, are increasingly looking to companies to kick-start their economies and provide the jobs that stimulate growth.


In the last year’s foreword, we were contending that many companies in Romania have been struggling with the still tough economic conditions. In 2013, as in 2012, smart companies tried to make a difference and keep the boat floating through cost cutting, but also through innovation and new strategies.


As we’re drawing closer to the end of the year, it is crucial to identify and acknowledge the excellence in every industry and the value creators from today’s market. By looking at the performance of industry leaders we can spot the entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial spirit that undertook to make the most of the existing economic conditions, taking action either in family businesses, entrepreneurial companies or corporations. Either way, only companies with the pro-active approach and the drive of a resilient entrepreneurial spirit could navigate through the slow economic waters of another year.


Because we want to acknowledge the high performers of our economy, EY Transaction Advisory team has contributed again with its expertise to this year’s edition of Major Companies in Romania. As a global company, tapping into 150 diverse economies all over the world, at EY, we support a wide range of companies, enabling us to draw specific insights from every
market where we are present.


Together with the doingbusiness.ro team, we have designed a multifaceted methodology capturing all the qualitative and quantitative aspects that make the profile of the strongest, most competitive major companies on the market. We have pursued this unique project with the goal to build a reference instrument that can assist potential foreign investors, local firms
as well as entrepreneurs, when looking at the business landscape in Romania.


Through Major Companies in Romania, we bring forward a general ranking of the most performing 100 companies in the country, highlighting how positive results are distributed in the economy today. But even more importantly, through our methodology, we have put together specific analysis of 24 Romanian industry sectors, bringing a unique outline of market trends and predictions.


This overview book that concludes our research for 2013 is more than a collection of rankings and industry outlooks. It is in a sense a White Paper of the Romanian economy that can assist top executives in planning their strategy for 2014. Foreign direct investments saw quite a decrease during the last years in Romania, however many investors and companies that are already active in the Romanian market see reasonable business potential here.


This hotspot map of the Romanian economy will assist players in planning their future presence in the domestic economy and lead the way to a more competitive market. However, it is clear that nobody will step up the tempo in resuming strong growth in the economy if the business community doesn’t take the lead. For that, the leaders, as well as all players, must continue their efforts, in seizing the potential Romania clearly shows.


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