Top three banks with best reputation - „The bank of Romanians” is client-centered, honest and transparent

ING Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and Banca Transilvania lead among banks that enjoy the best reputation in Romania, according to GfK reputation management study conducted using Reputation Management Model - RepMan®

ING Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Banca Transilvania and BRD Societe Generale are also the main bank for 60% of the urban banked population.


According to Romanians, the bank with the best reputation has to be people oriented, very preoccupied by its customer satisfaction and driven by principles like honesty, transparency, ethics and responsibility.


Orientation to people means that the banking institution manages the interests of all stakeholders correctly - from its employees to the bank customers. This characteristic is reinforced by Romanians expectation for a bank to search for the customer satisfaction and building relationships of trust, not only to be concerned by its own commercial interests. Governance principles as honesty, transparency, ethics and responsibility are also in the top of desired features by Romanians from bank with good reputation.


GfK reputation score is built on seven pillars: familiarity, quality management, quality of products and services, financial performance, quality of employer of choice, social responsibility and emotional implication.


“Unlike other industries where reputation scores are more polarized, the financial and banking system has the particularity of indicators very close in value. The opportunity for players in banking is to stand out from the crowd by strengthening their reputation, since it has direct impact on the financial performance of the company”, said Simona Dan, Business Strategy Advisor GfK Romania.


There is a very good correlation between reputation, on one hand and financial performance of the company, the recommendation and the usage of products or services, the quality of employer of choice and the social responsible actor, on the other hand.


The study measuring the reputation in the banking system was conducted online using GfK Reputation Management Model in October 2013 on a representative sample of urban Internet users.


Reputation Management Model - RepMan ® - is the tool for managing and transforming reputation in corporate asset used by more than 150 companies in 15 different industries in 2012. Throughout a stable model of research and strategic workshops, GfK creates the map and the concrete action plan to strengthen corporate reputation. RepMan complements the local strategic business tools portfolio provided by GfK Romania to its customers.


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