|  24.05.2017

Top executives do not lead digitalization in 7 out of 10 companies

According to the survey "The Barometer of digitalization 2017" released today by Valoria, only 3 out of 10 companies have given to a top executive the responsibility to lead the digitalization of the business and just 37% companies have made digitalisation the central part of their business strategy.

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„The Internet and technology have led to an exponential increase in the speed, volume and diversity of information. Easy access to consumer information has led to changes in consumer habits. Digital consumerism imposes new challenges on companies, but also brings them opportunities if they understand the phenomenon of digitalization and integrate it into their business model. The Barometer of digitalization is the study that shows the level of maturity and understanding of digitalization by Romanian companies, the obstacles they face, but also the benefits they hope to gain from this process”, says Constantin Măgdălina, Emerging Trends & Technologies Expert, co-author of the survey.


The confidence in digitalization


It is said that digitalization is a phenomenon that will not escape any business model and no field of activity. Even if there are still voices claiming that not all industries will be transformed by digitalization, the technological advances in Big Data Analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots and drones make this scenario unlikely.


In Romania, 35% of companies say that digitalization has already had a big influence on their business, but only 31% are confident about the success of digitalization and believe they have the knowledge to navigate the process. 61% of companies say they have difficulties with digital transformation. Of these, 39% are reluctant to capitalize on this trend. Only 2% say they do not trust that digitalization is good for the company.


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