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MCR Interview: Violeta Luca, Retail Director, METRO Cash & Carry

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Q: First of all, how was your career change accommodation in 2017 and please tell us the main lesson that you have learnt from your executive career that is common for industries like retail, electronic retail and IT?


Violeta Luca: I would start my answer by saying that I’ve missed retail, as I am genuinely passionate about it. One of the biggest opportunities for me was actually to discover and learn about food industry while grasping the complexity of the METRO Business, starting with the organizational culture, the customers’ needs – both B2B and B2C, the strategic choices and execution priorities. Although METRO trade is bigger in scale than the previous retailer I was in charge with, the ramp-up was fast as business principles are applying in each and every industry and I was fortunate to have a strong team around me. Thinking about main lessons of my career I feel like bringing up one about vulnerability. So much of leadership involves walking a tightrope between vulnerability and conviction. Most likely none of us can ever be fully confident that we are 100% on the right track, yet we are meant to inspire confidence in others.


By recognizing that vulnerability is a component of all roles and that it creates the potential for positive change we come much closer to losing our fear of it. For leaders and managers, the challenge and opportunity comes from the humble recognition that no one is invincible, it comes from giving the team members the self-assurance that decisions are being made in a balanced, thoughtful way. It comes from showing that, in the end, the most strategic approach is the one with the strongest foundation and potential for winning. Finally, if one doesn’t feel any vulnerability at all, it might be because the extra mile is not there.


Q: One of the stated goals of METRO Cash & Carry Romania for 2017 was to increase focus on the ‘’Traders Clients’ and to further improve the company’s position on the local market. In what extent were the market conditions favorable to your goals?


Violeta Luca: The market was more than favorable, and the need for fast, easy and pleasant shopping within the community allowed us to focus on the traditional proximity stores, the retail segment where METRO is the market leader, with the brand LaDoiPasi. By the end of 2020, we aim to reach a total of 2000 LaDoiPasi stores, targeting the rural areas and the small and medium urban agglomerations. This autumn we launched an extensive repositioning campaign of the brand, aiming to promote both our B2C and B2B value propositions. In a nutshell, LaDoiPasi is METRO’s bet on today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs across all Romania.


In addition to LaDoiPasi retail franchise, we have made significant investments aiming to improve Traders’ buying experience with Metro, by ensuring multichannel interaction, digitization, increased stock availability and flexible delivery services.


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