Three quarters of IT leaders currently use public and private cloud infrastructure

According to AGERPRES, three quarters of IT leaders currently use multiple cloud infrastructures private and public, stressing the need for a heterogeneous strategy, cloud-ready HA / DR and data protection, is shown in a research study.

"According to the general opinion, the volume of less important workloads will migrate at first to the public cloud, at a faster rate. If in the past it was so, the study found a change: the amount of the essential workload at the business level, including CRM and ERP, migrates to cloud to the same extent as other 25-30% less important workloads.

These statistics indicate an increased confidence of the users in data storage of all types in cloud, but we cannot ignore the additional pressure exerted on the services providers to ensure high availability and to avoid unavailability, as well as the challenges faced by IT departments to have appropriate data protection strategies that can create a heterogeneous infrastructure - internally and externally" , mentions the study conducted by Cicero Group at Veritas Technologies command.

For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.


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