|  26.10.2017

The route to digital business leadership

Digital leaders are very effective at aligning business and IT strategy at 2x the rate of others.

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Digital transformation is a continuous process, a journey measured in years. Those that have been successful, the Digital Leaders, do a few things better than everyone else. KPMG professionals also know that this is hard work since only one out of five organizations is currently qualified as a digital leader. The CIOs that step up to embrace the role of change agent and proactively work with their C-suite counterparts and other business leaders to drive their digital transformations put their organizations in a better position to succeed.


We are delighted to share new thought leadership from KPMG’s global Technology Center of Excellence – The route to digital business leadership – a follow-up on the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey.


Key takeaways:

- The 2017 Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO survey reveals that 18% of responding organizations are digital leaders.
- Digital leaders are 4x more likely to be very effective at fostering innovation than others.
- Digital leaders are very effective at aligning business and IT strategy at 2x the rate of others.
- Digital leaders are adept at integrating core business systems with newer digital technologies.
- Digital leaders aggressively invest in disruptive technologies.
- Digital leaders are very effective at selecting the most appropriate technologies and architectures.


In this year’s Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, we recognized that there was a group of respondents (18%, less than one in five) who are ‘very effective’ at using digital technologies to advance their business strategy. We have labelled these organizations ‘Digital Leaders’.


“Digital disruption is changing the world in which we live and work. New technologies have created new markets that, in turn, create new competitors. And those competitors are driving new expectations. To succeed in the digital world, businesses must not only provide superior experiences for consumers, customers, employees and citizens, but deliver on their promises in a faster, more nimble way,” says Richard Perrin, Head of Advisory at KPMG in Romania


Based on extensive analysis of the survey data, KPMG member firms’ professional experience and conversations with clients, we have identified four key practices that set these ‘digital leaders’ apart from other organizations.


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