|  17.11.2017

The rise of the „PROSUMER“ - A trend powered by technology

MCR Interview: Marius Persinaru, Country Manager Romania and Republic of Moldova, Schneider Electric

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Q: Mr. Persinaru, as your entire career is related to innovation and technology, how was 2017 in terms of innovation and technology for Schneider Electric Romania and Moldavia?


Marius Persinaru: Ever since I joined Schneider Electric, my goal has been to promote a sustainable growth and energy efficiency solutions. I strongly believe that in the light of the environmental impact for businesses, the demand for smart cities and smart buildings is increasing and energy efficiency will become an integral component of these developments. With an increased energy consumption trend we will end up consuming a lot more that we can reasonably produce, unless we really start managing it properly.


We have launched EcoStruxure, our integrated architecture, allowing a better system control and a higher level of energy efficiency. This automation and control system is focused on several key areas: Building, Plant & Machine, Grid, Power, and IT. We have focused a great deal of our efforts on the EcoStruxure development to help several business areas.


Q: How was 2017 in terms of figures and trends for Schneider Electric?


MP: Our local figures follow a positive trend, in line with the market. As per our global figures, as 2017 is not over yet, for the time being I can only speak about last year, when our revenues reached 24.7 billion EUR, out of which 5% were dedicated to R&D. R&D is really important for us, to support our efforts for better energy management solutions.


There is a huge potential for better energy management worldwide, powered by the increase in energy demand. Major global trends such as urbanization, industrialization and digitization - all of them require energy. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2.5 billion people will live in cities by 2050, which means that the energy demand will increase proportionally. Industrialization will impact energy consumption by +50%, according to IEA. As for digitization, by 2050 the estimated number of connected devices will exceed 50 billion units. Besides the boom in energy demand, there is a lot of untapped efficiency potential in key areas such as infrastructure, buildings and industry.


From our perspective, these are the main elements that will shape the future of energy management in the next years and our mission is to harness this potential and leverage it today for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Q: What is your main goal for the solutions provided by Schneider Electric?


MP: We aim to stay ahead of the curve by investing significant resources in R&D and always trying to better understand our clients’ needs and environments. Businesswise, our main goal is to be recognized as the Energy Management specialist, a top Energy Efficiency provider and an innovative IoT player.


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