|  07.12.2017

The Poor education - the most important obstacle to starting a business in Romania

4 out of 10 entrepreneurs will allocate the most resources to promote the company's products and services the following year.

For the first time in EY Romania barometers dedicated to entrepreneurs, precarious education ranks first among the top obstacles for those who want to start and develop a business in Romania. 23% of respondents said this, compared with only 16% in 2016.

The response points to an aknowledgement of the importance of enterepreneurial education and its absence, be it oriented on business, receiving finance, marketing, leadership, sales or any other areas which address the uprising of a company from scratch.


The access to finance and the fear of failure represent the second and third challenge faced by entrepreneurs. 

For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.


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