|  17.11.2017

The market begins to mature

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Q: What’s your view on employment, trade and investment for Romania in 2018 and please give us your opinion about the evolution of your business sector in 2018, on different insurance segments.


VS: There are concerns regarding tax changes, the Pillar 2 (Pensions) and the transfer of contributions. Those concerns may delay or post pone important decisions of investors. But I really think that the Romanian market still remains an attractive one for investors.


Q: If you were to look back in the insurance market of almost 20 years ago, what would be your statement on ‘’Romania - then and now’’?


VS: Then: Traditional with high potential

Now: Traditional with high potential


In the next 20 years: A fundamental shift in products’ landscape, services and customer behavior.


Q: Do you have a final comment for our readers?


VS: The financial strength of a company provides the guaranty of the clients that the promise will be fulfilled. It is critical when you make a decision regarding your family, your health, your belongings and your business financial protection to prioritize the financial strength of the insurance company over the initial price.

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