|  13.03.2018

The importance of a translation office with native professionals for your ecommerce

Companies internationalization and e-commerce especially, is a reality that can not be ignored

 With the arrival of the Internet, organizations are exploring new horizons that help them grow. In front of this panorama, one of the biggest problems they face is the translation of their entire content, with all the particularities that this implies.
During this process of internationalization, there are various situations that companies need to solve and of course language is one of the most important. Extending to other countries implies the need to translate into other languages ​​all the documents, social networks, blogs and any other support. However, this step can not be done so easily, so it is essential to rely on a translation office that has native professionals and knowledge about the online world, especially in terms of SEO positioning.
"BigTranslation's philosophy is to work exclusively with native translators for all the translation services we offer," says Alfredo Gómez, Business Developer of BigTranslation. "The level of understanding and writing of our content needs to be excellent, so it is fundamental that every professional translate only into his native language. And this is a principle shared by all of our clients, who manage all our translations through our online platform. A platform that connects them with over 10,000 translators and can manage translation projects in over 100 languages ​​at the most competitive price on the market."


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