|  25.09.2017

The entrepreneurs from Ploiesti were faced with the effects of the Digital Tsunami

More than 100 entrepreneurs and representatives of the key companies in Romania's fifth county economy - Prahova have responded to the challenge of the Business rEvolution Conference: is the digitization of a trend or a tsunami?


The conference, organized by, took place on Thursday, September 21, 2017, in Ploiesti.


"The unanimous answer of the participants in Ploiesti was: tsunami. Everyone knows about the phenomenon that it is a giant wave. Or this definition is best suited for what is happening now in the economy: the digital tsunami is an enormous amount of tools, processes and information that comes across classic business, but not to retreat, but to stay. So I explain my special interest in the solutions presented in Ploiesti and the extraordinary interactivity of the entrepreneurs present here. Digitization is here, but it will not pass" said Dumitru Ion, CEO of


For the complete text please see the romanian version here.


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