|  17.11.2017

Success story: iNES Group – Test ideas. Unlimited solutions

YOU SAY SUCCESS, WE SAY GREAT EXPERIENCES. That is what we pursued throughout our entire journey until today. Giving our clients a premium experience means doing our job at the highest level and that is our mission.

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The 90s – iNES is one of the first Internet providers in Romania.


Being first in our field always came naturally. Our starting point was in the 90s when Romania was experiencing a fresh breath of air at all levels, when everything was new. Back then, the business field had a whole different set of rules and companies had to adapt on the go and learn along with their partners as well as with their clients. And we did so. iNES soon became the first company in Romania to speak about Telecommunications at a high level of professionalism, including Internet Access, IPTV, FTTH, Data Center, Telephony and many other technology innovations in the years to come.


OPTICAL-FIBER COMMUNICATION - While focusing on our values like quality services, innovation, responsibility and efficiency, we continued to face the challenges in the business sector in order to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. One of the most important steps in our evolution was the development of our own optical fiber network in Bucharest. By applying the latest optical fiber technologies, iNES was able to install all clients via a FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) connection, which assures the best performance in terms of bandwidth and internet stability. Thus, iNES could offer an unlimited number of TV channels (especially Full HD and, later on, 4K/UHD) over a STB (Set-Top- Box) and not a computer.


2005 - The FTTH technology introduced one of the most revolutionary services seen in Romania at the time – iNES IPTV – that became one of the most important brands of iNES GROUP. The IP Television (IPTV) sends a TV signal that translates into high quality images (1080p) and sound (Dolby Digital), via an IP protocol, over a FTTH connection. This was a major breakthrough in the way Romanians saw television – an optical fiber technology that offered several features, making TV watching much more comfortable (thematic Categories for easier channel navigation, Timeshifting – replay anytime within 48 hours from the initial airing, without recording, EPG – Electronic Program Guide - channel schedule for the following 7 days, Parental Control/ Customized Profiles - configure only selected TV channels and protect by password). In 2015, iNES IPTV introduced a new dynamic and userfriendly platform, with a new graphic concept and a consistent and integrated interface, that addressed both the server system (middleware) and the STB receivers (Set-Top-Boxes) through a new firmware. These improvements brought a new set of options like PVR – Personal Video Recorder - recording TV programs on an external memory device, Media Player - playing audio/video files on the TV screen from an external memory device and Mosaic - simultaneously displaying 12 channels on the TV screen.


But one of the most important assets of the iNES IPTV service is by far, the Channels Grid. In 2009, iNES broadcast the first Full HD channel in Romania, in the iNES IPTV package, which was a giant step forward in terms of image and sound quality available at home. This development brought even more interest in the Home Cinema concept. iNES clients benefit now from more than 200 channels in the same package, including more than 60 Full HD channels and the first 4K/UHD channels in Romania. New channels are periodically added.


iNES IPTV comes in a package of services (called iNES triple Play at the beginning), along with Internet access and fixed Telephony, for a single price and a single invoice. While the competition focuses on mass market sales and segmentation of services for various prices, iNES IPTV was, and still is to this day, the most complete telecom package on the market, designed for residential users, targeted to offer premium services to an exclusive niche.


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