|  09.07.2013

Romania’s entertainment and media market - the third highest growth rate in the CEE between 2013 and 2017

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At the same time more mature and technologically advanced markets, within North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific, will be instrumental in driving the global shift towards digital consumption of E&M services. 


About the Outlook
PwC’s 14th annual update of the Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2013-2017, is a comprehensive online source of global analysis for consumer and advertising spend. With like-for-like, five-year historical and forecast data across 13 industry segments in 50 countries, the Outlook makes it easy to compare and contrast regional growth rates and consumer and advertising spend.  And new this year, it also contains individual country commentary for all segments.  Find out more at


Segments covered by the Outlook

TV subscriptions and licence fees, TV advertising, Internet access, Radio, Out-of-home advertising
Video games, Filmed entertainment, Newspaper publishing, Consumer magazine publishing, Business-to-business, Internet advertising, Consumer and educational book publishing
and Music.


Digital Spending

Digital spending consists of fixed broadband and mobile Internet access; satellite radio subscriptions; digital PC and console gaming; online and mobile gaming; electronic home video; digital newspaper circulation spending; digital consumer magazine circulation spending; digital trade magazine circulation spending; consumer, educational and professional eBooks; online and mobile Internet advertising and digital music.

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