|  06.10.2015

Renewable energy country attractiveness

In a world increasingly demanding 24-7 power and using greater electrification as a catalyst for economic growth and job creation, never before has affordable and sustainable energy been so important. But even more critically, never have we needed so much of it.

Energie regenerabila

Therefore, while small-scale and distributed generation have attracted more focus in recent times, perhaps a renewed focus on the most efficient mechanisms to deliver utility-scale power projects is now needed.


With onshore wind and solar PV hurtling toward universal grid parity, the deployment of large-scale renewables is already an economic no-brainer in many markets. It’s also a big tick for the climate change agenda, as well as easing economic woes exacerbated by expensive energy imports in some markets.


For more information, please see the attached file or the Romanian version of the article, here. 


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