|  20.02.2014

Optimistic perspectives for the M&A market in the oil and gas sector in 2014, despite the decline in 2013

The midstream segment turned in mixed results in 2013. Deal activity with 90 announced deals, was down by almost 14% in 2013 - shows EY- Global oil and gas transactions review . However, reported or disclosed deal value increased to $71 billion in 2013, an increase of about 17% over 2012.


Midstream transaction activity, both in terms of the number of deals and value, is dominated by the US and Canada. Together,
the two countries accounted for more than 70% of all midstream deals and about 70% of the global midstream disclosed value.


Deal activity involving pipelines accounted for the largest portion of midstream activity — 36 deals (40%) and almost $27 billion in disclosed value (about 39% of the total). There were 33 transactions involving gathering assets in 2013 (37%), with total disclosed deal value of almost $27 billion (about 40% of the total). Asset transactions dominate the midstream  landscape, accounting for 77% of all deals and about 59% of all disclosed transaction value.


For more information, please see the attached study.


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