|  09.09.2014

Mercedes-Benz successfully adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows us to position the customer in the center of Mercedes-Benz Romania’s activity. Moreover, we know exactly the channels on which he wishes to receive information” - Claudiu Arion, EBusiness&CRM Manager Network, Merceds-Benz Romania

Mercedes-Benz Romania, a Daimler AG company, is the importer of the Mercedes-Benz brand in Romania. Its main activities are: importing Mercedes-Benz auto vehicles (light commercial vehicles and trucks), importing Mercedes-Benz car parts, marketing and PR activities (at brand level) and coordinating the activity of the authorized centers in Romania (over 30 Authorized Sales and Service Centers). Except for truck sales, in which cases Mercedes-Benz Romania deals directly with the end consumers, the sales activities conducted with end consumers are done through the Authorized Sales and Service Centers.

Business requirements. Initial situation
Mercedes-Benz Romania respects the international brand standards entirely and implicitly, the attention towards the clients and their desire to customize their auto vehicles. As a consequence, in order to develop an efficient marketing and loyalization activity, the company needs detailed information about the clients.

For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.


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