|  20.02.2013

Mega Infrastructure Projects

From managing risk and meeting timelines to selecting the right technology and investment partners, megaproject delivery offers important lessons and approaches that will resonate with almost any infrastructure stakeholder.

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In the most recent edition of Insight magazine, KPMG explores the complex world of infrastructure megaprojects and provides an informative and practical view on some of the key challenges and opportunities impacting this important sector.


This latest edition features a ‘Spotlight’ special report on infrastructure in Africa – a continent that holds rich opportunities and benefits for those that can successfully manage associated risks and challenges. Through a series of interviews and roundtable discussions with industry leaders, Insight: Megaprojects shares perspectives on megaproject delivery around the world, some of which are detailed below.


Daniela Nemoianu, Executive Partner of KPMG in Romania states:“The world’s pressing need for infrastructure improvements and investment still looms large on many national government’s agenda, representing a problem which is not about to disappear just because cash is harder to come by.  These are projects which are essential to life itself, which the governments simply cannot afford to put to one side, pending a return to happier economic times.   The constraints on public sector funding remain though and this is why we could now see up an upswing in the number of infrastructure projects being delivered by Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), tapping into private sector funds and resources to deliver public infrastructure amenities.  Romania has to gear up rapidly to face the global race to develop efficient and sustainable economic infrastructure and the nation’s future economic growth depends on the success of a rapid and coordinated national approach to the revitalisation of Romanian infrastructure.”


Private Public Partnership (PPP) structures for infrastructure development are likely to get a boost in Canada as public organizations reassess their use of the model. PPP Canada, a crown corporation dedicated to growing the PPP market in Canada, is currently assessing the model for delivering First Nations schools as well as federally operated toll bridges. In the United States, a number of new transportation projects are now moving forward in the Commonwealth of Virginia. After suffering several setbacks, the USD925 million I95 HOT/HOV Lanes Project reached financial and commercial close in July 2012. The project compliments the Capital Beltway project and is expected to help address the significant congestion in the area. Cleanup efforts are now underway in the aftermath of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy on the US East Coast.

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