|  02.12.2015

Maximizing sales by bringing innovation, optimising efficiency and confidence

Products properly merchandised increase the chances of an impulse purchase.

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hl display srl




1. Could you give us a brief presentation of HL Display Romania and what makes your company unique on the local/ international market?

HL Display is the global partner for brands and retailers for in-store communication and merchandising. We work together with our clients to create in-store experiences for customers, based on 61 years of experience, expertise and knowledge of the markets.

This is our mission; simple, yet powerful – we provide what is essential to grow the business.


What makes us unique on the market? Well, a typical business day for us starts in the far corners of Asia and ends in Western Europe. With Scandinavian roots, we grew over the decades and became a global leader in merchandising and in-store communication operating internationally in 44 markets. Again, this means we understand all sales companies, languages and each market needs, constrains and opportunities


We never compromise on quality and high standards. Our values as international leader are customer focused. We know we are essential for the success of our customers; we are confident and we give them confidence. This makes our company unique.


2. How were 2014 and 2015 so far in terms of business activity for HL Display Romania in comparison with your initial forecast?

Each year we forecast sales and activities greater and bigger than maybe we actually want to reach. And this is because it challenges us. We are bold in each activity we launch.

2014 couldn’t compare to 2015 and maybe the same will go for 2016. The market and the companies are really different from one year to the other and this represents many opportunities for us, because we can play with many budgets and create spectacular projects in partnership with our clients – both on local and global level.

As business activity, HL Display grew over the past 2 years. At the beginning of 2015 we went through an organizational change and now we have enhanced our Mission, Vision, Values, because after 61 years of experience and knowledge of the market, we now know what challenges our clients face and we better understand each individual business, vision, strategy and desire.

Locally, our team grew, globally now we have more distributors and invested in the development of our sales units all over the world.

HL Display thinks global, and acts local – for each market.

3. In 2015, we see an increase in consumption which helps boost the economic activity on the whole. How have Romanian companies supported this trend, by using innovative solutions, such as the ones offered by HL Display Romania?


This trend was, indeed, also supported by Romanian companies. And also, due to this increase, many companies have chosen our solutions. Companies increased the number of projects both on local and international level. We faced many challenges and strict deadlines because of this. This also helped us grew many businesses because we learned how to overcome the obstacles the local market raised.

4. As a multinational company, it is easy for you to see the similarities and differences between companies from your portfolio. Could you share with us some similarities and differences between Romanian business environment and CEE?


It might seem easy, but each time we come across with something that we might think we already know or have already seen, we notice it’s different. So, some companies may resemble in what concerns some needs or the desire for some innovations, but nothing is the same.

Now, above I was talking about our Romanian customers, in what concerns Romania and CEE, here we can talk more. Although we work with multinational clients, they also work differently in each market, because locally, the markets are different. In Romania, for example, there is a need of solutions for bulk products, whether in the CEE, bulk products are not that required.


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