|  17.11.2017

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN: Ready for industry 4.0

MCR Interview: Radu Garbea, General Manager Kaeser Kompressoren Romania

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Q: How was 2017 for Kaeser Romania? Did the market meet your expectations?


Radu Garbea: 2017 was a good year for our company. We had a rough start, because of the very few projects launched in 2016, but at the beginning of the 3rd semester new projects became available and this helped us recover the lost ground and get back on track as previously targeted. We are confident that by the end of the year our goals will be reached.


Q: While the general economic growth of Romania is higher than the initial expectations, triggered by consumption, how do you see your market growth and what were the main drivers in your market in 2017?


Radu Garbea: The general consumption growth of 2017 haven’t had a significant impact on our activity. We were only influenced by agriculture and some industrial branches. In the second part of the year our clients have increased their exports and this translated in new business for us. But, as we have seen it, 2017 was a year with few investments in new technology.


Q: Beside Bucharest, you have local presence in Cluj, Deva, Iași, Sibiu and Timișoara. Do you have any plans to further expand your business in other main cities of Romania? How would you characterize the short and medium term development of Romania’s industry?


Radu Garbea: We are also present in other cities. Nowadays we can work from mobile offices because everything is interconnected and we can communicate with everyone in real time. Our main goal is to open a new office in Brasov at the beginning of next year.


Q: Regarding your customers, what are their main needs and what is their feedback towards the products and services you provide? How do you measure your overall clients’ satisfaction?


Radu Garbea: We conduct an online survey every year, to measure our clients’ satisfaction. It seems that they appreciate very much the efficiency of our equipment, the quality of our assistance and the speed of our response every time they encounter a problem. Every year we get high scores from our partners. If we receive an 8 we know that something is not working well and if we get a lower grade we know there is a real problem and we should solve it immediately.


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