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MCR Interview: Gabriel Andronescu, Country General Manager CHEP Pooling Romania

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Gabriel Andronescu




Q: Mr. Andronescu, you stated once that you found out about CHEP in the early 2000’s. If you look at Romania then and now, how would you characterize its evolution, in terms of economy, opportunities, obstacles?
Gabriel Andronescu: In the early 2000’s, while I was living abroad, every time I came back to Romania, even if I was only missing for a few months, I noticed there was something new. During the last 15 years the country witnessed one of the most spectacular evolutions, both in the visible areas, such as real estate, retail, technology, but also in the more subtle domains, such as people mindset and mentality. This dynamic change, which created challenges and opportunities, was a very good reason for me and for other young highly skilled professionals to return to Romania and try to make a positive impact: one example would be attracting foreign investors, who played a very important role in the modernization of the economy and the country in general.
Q: For a company that has a worldwide overall tradition of more than 140 years, why do you think CHEP has reached so late our country and what is your personal role in putting CHEP on Romania’s map?
Gabriel Andronescu:  CHEP was founded in the 1940’s by the Australian government and later acquired by Brambles, which indeed has this long-standing tradition of more than 140 years. The company has expanded gradually on all continents, playing an important role in the modernization and evolution of the Supply Chain in the respective countries. Still, it makes sense to enter a country when a minimum set of conditions are met and this is why Romania was put on the CHEP map later than other countries.
When geographic expansion into Eastern Europe was considered by the company, I made the Romanian market analysis and developed the business plan. After the management decided to enter our local market, I enthusiastically accepted to lead the founding of a sustainable business here.
Q: Since 2012, CHEP Romania has managed to dramatically increase its turnover. Please tell us how did you do that, what are the ‘’secret’’ ingredients for such an increase and please give us a short overview about CHEP Romania.
Gabriel Andronescu: These ingredients for success are quite commonsense ones, but powerful when put together: a clear vision and strategy for sustainable long-term development, a fantastic team who put all their enthusiasm to make it happen, a customer-centric approach and a mindset of innovation.
CHEP Romania has become a leading player in the local Supply Chain market, creating value along the whole Supply Chain through solutions for higher operational efficiency, cost optimization, better consumer experience in the store, sales increase, more efficient promotions, positive environmental impact, among others. We are proud of the trust we’ve earned and of the partnerships we’ve developed in the market with some of the largest FMCG and automotive manufacturers, but also with small and mediumsized producers, with all the existing international retail chains in FMCG, but also with the local retailers and distributors, with logistics service providers. The company plays a very active role in promoting eco friendly industrial activities, provides support for the development of the first food bank in Romania and acts as a responsible member of the local community, through many volunteering activities in the social, environmental and education areas (one example: teaching students and young professionals about certain topics or skillsets useful in their future professional careers).

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