|  12.06.2015

In the past two years, generalized corruption perception has improved in Romania

Regulatory and compliance actions undertaken by the authorities in the past two years have significantly improved the Romanians' perception on corruption as a generalized phenomenon .


Our survey of 3,800 respondents across 38 countries confirms that the current business environment is presenting significant challenges. The impact of market volatility has been compounded by geopolitical instability and big drops in the oil price. Businesses are facing more complex restrictions on the way in which they do business with sanction regimes changing. Complex risks — such as cyber crime — have the potential to significantly disrupt operations. 


Rapid-growth markets continue to be seen as a route to additional revenues. But in these markets, bribery and corruption remain a significant risk. Sixty-one percent of respondents in these markets feel that corruption is widespread. Our results also show a significant minority are able to justify unethical behavior — such as offering cash payments and gifts — to help their business survive. 


For more information, please see the attached file or the Romanian version of the article, here


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