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MCR Interview: Oana Ciornei, Managing Partner, AMROP Romania

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Q: First of all, how was 2017 for Amrop Romania and what are your perspectives for 2018?


Oana Ciornei: 2017 was another good year for Amrop in Romania. Acquiring new clients, entering in new market segments and growing our team, were few of the things we are proud of in 2017.


Q:  From your 2017 executive search experience, can you tell us how does your best searching result look like, in terms of the sector he/she was recruited in, how much does he/she make and how hard was to recruit him/her? What are the best 3 sectors to work for in Romania in terms of earnings?


Oana Ciornei: We always take into account the context of the hiring organization and the context of the potential candidate when we work on a project. We are always searching for a type of candidate that we call “Leader for what’s next”, the one that has a proven track record of successful assignments but also has the potential and the agility to face a different complexity and to thrive. Of course that different market sectors are in different stages of development and are facing different challenges, but so do the candidates and we are called to match them.


The assignments that create sometimes more excitement in the office are for roles or skills that are not well developed in the market: digital transformation, strategy or e-commerce, to give a few examples. We are always trying to enhance the professional standard in the market and we try to move competences from sectors or markets more advanced in some areas to others that are in need for such skills.


Q: According to the CEO’s message, Amrop is no exception to the conclusion that the best executive search companies have evolved into trusted advisors. Do you think your Romanian clients perceive Amrop as a trusted advisor?


Oana Ciornei: In Amrop, all the consultans have prior business experience from leading different functions (Finance, IT, HR, Project Management, General Management, etc). We spend time in understanding the client’s business and challanges and we advise, when we have the opportunity, even before the role definition for a specific job, matching the business challanges with the skills and trends in the market. In several ocasions we have convinced the Client to redesign the role or to reposition it for a better chance to succed. Trusted advisor is a status that is always co-created with the Client, and not a service that you simply offer.

Q:  What do the most exemplary and admired executives have in common? 


Oana Ciornei: They have a mix of generosity and humbleness that enables them to orchestrate performance, to foster creativity and engagement. They serve the organization and empower other people to better serve their clients. They also have the courage to change ahead of the curve and to design a broader purpose for which the organization stands, taking into account the longterm sustainability.


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